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Don't you dare! by Steffel Don't you dare! :iconsteffel:Steffel 2 0 Someone to lean on by Steffel Someone to lean on :iconsteffel:Steffel 9 5 Cletus by Steffel Cletus :iconsteffel:Steffel 9 5 Searching for a Light by Steffel Searching for a Light :iconsteffel:Steffel 8 2
Eyes of Mist 9
9 – Doubts
     Tamaril wanted to keep talking but his trembling lips failed him. This last bit had been a real memory! One that was his alone!
     Suddenly this moment came back to him so clearly he even remembered details he had not mentioned in his tale. How strange that dining hall had smelled of spices he wasn't familiar with, and old wood, how the road's dirt had clung to his clothes' s fringe, and how he had sheepishly wiped at it.
     Yes, he really had been there. Accompanying his father he had sought out the Prince of Illian. Back before...
     He frowned. Even now, those incidents slipped from his mind's grasp whenever he tried putting them into words.
     He pushed that thought aside and focused on that one true memory, tried to recall his father exactly the way he had looked that evening. His stern eyes and gaunt features that could
:iconsteffel:Steffel 1 0
A fateful meeting (One day in Nan Elmoth...) by Steffel A fateful meeting (One day in Nan Elmoth...) :iconsteffel:Steffel 3 6 Vaati Portrait by Steffel Vaati Portrait :iconsteffel:Steffel 8 8
Eyes of Mist 8
Interlude I – Rivals
Shakar grinned broadly as he put down the chess piece. "Checkmate, Cayoun."
His opponent leaned back with a nonchalant smile and brushed a slender white hand through his raven hair. "Your Highness has been training, haven't you?"
The prince only smiled. "Indulge me this time. It's a rare enough occasion."
"I told you more than once that you would be more successful if you just dared to risk a bit more. You have scruples to sacrifice one of your pawns but that's what the game's tactic needs you to do."
Shakar's blue eyes gave an inkling of his embarrassment. "I always feel like a traitor when I do something like that. They belong to me and should be as precious as my knight, the queen, my king."
Cayoun sighed and rose from the table. "Did you meet your brother yet?" he asked, changing the subject. "As far as I know he came back from his tour around the kingdom today."
Shakar made a face. "I preferred waiting until Shakar has notified th
:iconsteffel:Steffel 0 0
Rydia and the Mist Dragon by Steffel Rydia and the Mist Dragon :iconsteffel:Steffel 13 13
Eyes of Mist 7
7 - White Woods
She couldn't remember how she had gotten back to her makeshift bed but when Ayala awoke again she was not only lying on a pile of relatively clean rags but was also covered with her blanket.
Desperately she tried to believe that her first awakening had been nothing but a bad dream but she could not even keep up that illusion for herself. The painful throbbing in her arm was just too vicious to be ignored.  Or rather, the throbbing in what was left of her arm.
With an effort she turned her head to the side and was surprised to make out another shape in the dim glow of the fire's embers lying not too far away. She didn't know what to think. Had he carried her back? If so, why was he doing this, considering how open he had shown her his hatred?
Her eyes found a bowl of water standing between them and suddenly she became aware how thirsty she really was. She struggled to sit up but just as she managed the pain in her arm intensified so much she felt si
:iconsteffel:Steffel 1 0
Eyes of Mist 6
The Guardian
Tamaril's fingers shook with exhaustion. It cost him all his will power to awaken the shadow and have it do as he wanted. He needed his anger to keep from giving up and yet he mustn't lose control over his emotions.
He tried concentrating on the Shakaree's gray eyes but that made another image surface in his mind. A face, pleasant to look at and with just as gray eyes as his opponent had. But with this face a storm of feelings dragged his mind into the darkest pits. Hope and bitter disappointment, fury and terror, shame and despair.
He realized that his control was slipping and still he could do nothing but write on.
Jorcan slithered to a stop as the shadow stepped away from the wall. Its contours were still wavering, resembling an animal one moment, then losing its shape and forming again to reminded him of a huge insect.
The Shakaree tightened his grasp of his sword but then thrust his left hand that clutched the torch forward. And indeed the
:iconsteffel:Steffel 2 2
Eyes of Mist Cover by Steffel Eyes of Mist Cover :iconsteffel:Steffel 4 13 Ready for the evening by Steffel Ready for the evening :iconsteffel:Steffel 3 10 Teamwork by Steffel Teamwork :iconsteffel:Steffel 2 6
Remembering the Name
Strange how extraordinary days can begin like any other, Nella thought. The morning had been neither gloomy nor very bright. There had been no signs at all her life was about to change forever.
She had awoken in her freezing little room before sunrise and had set out to work as soon as she could get her aching limbs to move. Her contribution to her uncle's family was small and so she was even more eager to do what she could.
The winter had been hard and just as the small family had started to draw hope from the beginning of spring their only cow had caught an illness and died soon afterwards. Spirits had been rather low ever since but Nella was determined not to give up.
Today she had set out to dig over the vegetable patch but soon she realized the dry ground would be giving her more trouble than expected.
She had been busy for a while when she noticed a man watching her. A group of soldiers had ridden through the village and their leader who wore the insignia of a captain was sitting
:iconsteffel:Steffel 29 24
The Neverending Story - Xayide by Steffel The Neverending Story - Xayide :iconsteffel:Steffel 7 0


As long as I am here by Berylunee As long as I am here :iconberylunee:Berylunee 146 32 June by ShinyBlueButterfly June :iconshinybluebutterfly:ShinyBlueButterfly 11 4 =  v = by Jennax3 = v = :iconjennax3:Jennax3 18 3 Flower Fields by Berylunee Flower Fields :iconberylunee:Berylunee 143 20 Clouds in the Fjord by Berylunee Clouds in the Fjord :iconberylunee:Berylunee 97 15 Solveig by Berylunee Solveig :iconberylunee:Berylunee 138 36 Will you look into the mirror? by ColourmeRen Will you look into the mirror? :iconcolourmeren:ColourmeRen 15 1 I'm always here by Berylunee I'm always here :iconberylunee:Berylunee 131 34 Nuclear Winter by Berylunee Nuclear Winter :iconberylunee:Berylunee 66 26 Family by Berylunee Family :iconberylunee:Berylunee 61 10 After the crash by Berylunee After the crash :iconberylunee:Berylunee 52 8 Wang So by amie689 Wang So :iconamie689:amie689 79 36 Look what I've got by Berylunee Look what I've got :iconberylunee:Berylunee 52 14 Deponia Color Palette Challenge by Berylunee Deponia Color Palette Challenge :iconberylunee:Berylunee 83 10 In Prosperity and Adversity by Berylunee In Prosperity and Adversity :iconberylunee:Berylunee 58 6 Dangerous Love by Berylunee Dangerous Love :iconberylunee:Berylunee 86 22


Don't you dare!
I posted this on tumblr last year but I'm trying to reactivate my old dA account, so I figured I should post it here, too.
This was my first (and probably last) attempt at a comic. I redid some of the panels so often and still hate parts of it. I rather like the last panel, though.

So, this shows my personal headcanon that Ulysses was not very thrilled about having Cletus as a potential son-in-law and only changed his mind when he needed him to falsify his report.

Also featured is Berylunee's lovely OC Tallis who is a close friend of Goal. I tried to come up with a scene of her reacting to the news of Cletus and Goal getting engaged and that's what inspired the comic.


Journal Entry: Sat Oct 26, 2013, 1:50 PM
Skin by SimplySilent

After quite a while someone tagged me! :dance:
Here are the rules (that I'm about to ignore):

1.You must post these rules!
2.Answer the questions that the tagger set up for you, and create 10 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
3.You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
4.Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged them.
5.No tag backs!!
6.No junk in the tagging section about "You are tagged if you're reading this." You have to tag 10 people.

Here are the questions Sally78 had for me:

My Questions: (Since I'm not one of this wet blankets)
1. Have you ever played Assassin's Creed?

2. What's your favourite food?
Pizza maybe (I spent too much time on tumblr, I guess)

3. Favourite song?
That changes so often, I can't really say.

4. Which fandom do you like most? :3 (omg I'm sure this question is just so wrong xD)
That question is just as hard. There are so many fandoms I want to be a part of and I just cannot choose one.

5. Which country are you from?
Germany (like you ;P)

6. If you could travel back in time, which year would it be? (again horrible English)
Just for visiting - the nineties (I think it'd be fascinating to see a time again I actually lived through and how differently I'd percieve everything now)
I'm too scared to go back farther. :tomato:
To stay - I'd rather stay in the now, thanks

7. I'm getting out of ideas... favourite book?
The Neverending Story

8. Have you ever visited a library? 8D

9. Mother tongue?
German (surprise, surprise!)

10. Which programme do you use for coloring your art / writing your stories?

Photoshop CS for coloring
LibreOffice for writing

And now I'm going to be a wet blanket and not come up with more questions. Maybe I'll get around to it later but I can't think of something right now.


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I'm not fond of simply begging for points (nor desperate enough) but as I'm so far behind with my artworks it'd be ridiculous to offer pictures for points. So, I'll offer something else.

1 point - 1 Llama (unless I've already given you one of course)
every 5 points - 1 comment on an artwork
every 10 points - 1 comment on a written work

I WON'T fave half your gallery or watch you unless I want to (not to mention that those watches don't do you much good if I just keep deleting your stuff in my inbox).

Keep in mind though that I'm better at giving critique on pieces that I have some experience with - I'll try to say something constructive on photos, 3D renders or poetry but there are things I'm better with.

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